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PV Board

Mission & Vision

The Staff Association (“Personeelsvereniging”, or PV) of the UMCG contributes to the feeling of pride among employees and former-employees to (have) work(ed) at the UMCG, to the feeling of unity with the UMCG and the feeling of solidarity among each other. The PV also wants to contribute to a strong image of the UMCG and a good connection with the region.

Elaboration on the mission and vision

This mission focusses on the feelings of the employees (pride, unity and solidarity) and the feeling of the ‘environment’ of the UMCG (image and connection). The PV aims to influence the feelings of the staff by organising activities and offering discounts. Activities are available for all ages and preferably organized in a way that brings employees together, and for them to join when signing up for activities. We are staying up to date with societal developments and wishes of our members when selecting the activities. The discount profits are an ‘extra bonus’ because you work at the UMCG or have worked here in the past. We are influencing the environment by organising activities to which employees can bring their friends or family, or which they can speak of proudly. Price agreements with shop owners, restaurants and other companies broaden the contact of the UMCG and its staff with the region, and therefore leads to a better connection. We focus on our staff’s spare time, coming from the vision that relaxation contributes to their health and that there needs to be a balance of ‘effort-relaxation’. We therefore join the Healthy Ageing and Health@Work notion of the UMCG.

The Board as of 06-2020


Annemieke Weijling


Tenny van der Wal
Department of Radiotherapy


Maud Weelink
Heart center

Organisation summer and Christmas trip

Helene Bouma
Beatrix Children's Hospital


Erwin Kort

Organisation ‘Sinterklaas’ and kids parties

José Niestijl

Chalet rental

Käthy de Wit
Wenckebach Institute

2nd Treasurer

Marco Hofstra
UMC-staff P&O 

Communication - editor newsletters

Loes Smit-de Vries
Department of Communication


Henk Hoiting
Education and conference support

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