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Senior association


The membership is available for ex-employees of the Academic Hospital/UMCG, whom stay or become member of the Staff Association after their retirement VUT (i.e., early out of service or retirement) or any other form of going out of service. When going out of service, the employee will get a form on which they can indicate whether they want to stay a member of the Staff Association and want to become member of the senior association.

Membership fee

This entails €6,00 a year and goes via the Staff Association. Registration is also possible via the secretary of the Staff Association or via the Employee shop. Please specify your name, address, place of residence, personnel number, phone number and optionally your email address.

Terminating membership

Bij het beëindigen van het lidmaatschap s.v.p. een briefje sturen naar Henk Hoiting, zie bovenvermeld adres, of een mailtje naar seniorenumcg@gmail.com.

You can find more information on the website of the senior association.

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