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Welcome to the website of the Staff Association!

On this website you can find all the important information regarding the Staff Association and all the offers you can profit from as a member of the PV. Always want to be up to date with the latest news and the most recent offers? Follow us on Facebook and Twitter or click here to subscribe to the newsletter!

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You can register on Mijn Insite (the icon with the ‘I’ on the homepage of Intranet). Underneath Mijn Insite you will find the button ‘Personeelsvereninging’ (i.e., Staff Association). You can sign up here. The contribution is €1,30 a month and will be deducted from the salary.

PC Private offer

PV UMCG organizes a PC-private offer in close cooperation with the multimedia association of the UMCG. Via an interest-free account which will be provided by the Staff Association, members of the PV can purchase the following articles at the CompAZG-store: pc, network products, screens and notebooks. There is also the possibility to expand an existing system.

Members can sign up for a waiting list to be qualified for a loan. At the moment there is still space.

For this you can register with the treasurer of the Staff Association. Please do this via email: penningmeester@pv.umcg.nl. Do specify your name, personnel number and phone number. When ordering a PC from the CompAZG store, you will have to bring the written permission of the treasurer of the PV.

More information is available in the CompAZG store or via email: winkel@compazg.nl.


* The minimum loan sum is €250; the maximum loan sum is €1.000
* The duration of the loan has 36 moths maximum
* Repayments are deducted from the net salary by the UMCG
* You are a member of the PV

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